A dream came true:

I did Namibia, I did the deserts!

This was my 6th.trip to Africa in total, but I´ve got to admit: I have never seen Africa, before I went to see Namibia!


Find some facts about Namibia in advance:

Size: 824 268 square kilometres (2.2 people per sqkm)

Namibia's projected current population is 1,8 million

Namibia, previously known as South West Africa, is bordered by South Africa in the south, Angola and Zambia in the north and Botswana and Zimbabwe in the east. The oldest desert in the world, the Namib Desert stretches along the whole west coast of the country, while the Kalahari Desert runs along its southeastern border with Botswana.

For further information, check http://www.grnnet.gov.na/ or http://www.namibia-tourism.com/ or http://www.namibia.de




The trip started in Windhoek on the 30th. November. We arrived on a very cloudy day. The gentleman who picked us up from the airport told us, that Namibias major problem is the water shortage, caused by the lack of rain. On that very first day of ours, it started raining to go on for more than 4 hrs. (Our guestgift to the country)




This photo was taken on our way from Windhoek north to "Mount Etjo", we bypassed Okandja and Otjiwarongo (see map above) 








The "Mount Etjo Desert Lodge" is situated in a beautiful and huge part of the savannah west of Otjivarongo. We enjoyed the privilege, to be two of only eight guests, so all the attention of the staff was focused on us. (Unbelievable but true: After our first mornings´ game-drive, the former german minister of defense, Volker Ruehe, appeared at our lodge for a dinner and a day-trip-safari!! What a small world this is.






The next photo was taken on our game-drive mentioned above. The whole trip took us more than 4,5 hrs. but we didn´t even see a quarter of the whole areal of Mount Etjo Lodge. Apart from Hippos, Rhinos, Giraffes, Baboons, Ostriches and all kind of antelopes, we unfortunatley did not happen to see any elephants...







A very special experince was our presence at a nighttime lions´ feeding. This was simply frightning and breathtaking. (The word "breathtaking might appear a few more times on this site :) A whole pride of lions turned up to give us thrills....






......but finaly only one would manage to sort the scene out: The Lion King!







A dead male Ostrich on the way.









Imagine you drive through a desert, wouldn´t  it be some kind of comical to see this kind of signs.....?? :) Expect the unexpected!







After we got into it, we didn´t find it funny anymore........







Swakopmund, a town that couldn´t be more german......!!










On the way from Swakopmund (via Walvis Bay) to the Namib Desert (Sossusvlei), the landscape kept on changing permanently, it was absolutely fascinating... ABSOLUTELY







From Swakopmund, we drove 240 KM on graveltracks to reach a real Paradise right in the middle of the desert. The "Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge", the only "Ritz" on earth, that is surrounded by rocks in a desert. The owner, Kuecki (Wolfgang Kühhirt), seems to be one of the most famous persons on the southern african continent. Whoever I told about Kücki... they knew him.  









Kücki spent the night with me at the poolsite, we watched the sun go down on the desertplane, drank wine and he told me about Namibia, its fauna and lots of other things. This was one of my most impressive nights in Nam, like he is def. the most interesting guy I met in Nam.







My favourite dish is Ostrich and I ate a lot of Ostriches in my life, but the best I ever had, I got in the 1st. class restaurant of Rostock Ritz. Not to mention the stunning view I had from the patio.  







These next two photos show the traditional roundbuildings of RR, which are aesthetically integrated in the natural surroundings. 













Jeeeeeeezzz, what a pool! This is definately the best view from a pool in the southern hemisphere!!







...... and this is the most stunning view, I´ve ever had from a........, yes, it is a toilet! :)

To get further information about the RR, just click the link! This place is highly recommandable!!!

Click "here" to get to "Rostock Ritz"..






After those stunning impressions, the schedule named the Namib Desert (Sossusvlei) as the next goal. Another 180KM´s on gravel roads bypassing beautiful landscapes. This was our accomodation close to Sossusvlei. A lodge half house half tent right on a place, where game came along the patio at nighttime.















I don´t know, what the exact name of this tree is. If I translate it 1:1, it should be "Quiver Tree", because indigeous men use it to make make their quivers of its branches








This photo was taken on a sundowner-tour on the areal of Sossusvlei-Lodge, nothing more to say......










On our trip through the Naukluft-Park were things to take pictures of, that I simply cannot find the right words for.....








"Dune 45"








Down from "Dune 45"







and again....






..... and again!







The "Dead Vlei", a big but quiet "WOW"!














The "Desert Fox" in a typical tourists´outfit :))







That was it about Namibia! I´ll be def. back!











"The boys are back in Town..!

Back to Cape Town


This was Frank´s and my 5th time to Cape Town! Apart from millions of reasons to go seeing Cape Town again, this time we were invited to the wedding of our friends Nicci and Gerard.



The next photos were taken on Gerards stagnight, which took place in the "Chapmans-Peek-Hotel" and in some other places later at night, that I cannot remember! ;-)



Frank, me and Gerard in the "warm-up-phase"







(another) Gerard, a former Rugby Pro and Dion, the king of south african soap-operas!

...and Dion is getting more and more famous.....:


Soapie star in crash drama
Feb 01 2004 09:45:20:567PM

An Afrikaans soapie star has been arrested for allegedly driving under the influence and speeding away from an accident scene.

Cape Town - A well-known Afrikaans soap opera actor will appear in the Bellville magistrate's on a criminal charge on Monday.

He was arrested after he allegedly sped away from an accident scene in which he had been involved. Allegedly he was also under the influence of alcohol.

The actor, 42, which was seen in "7de laan" until recently and who had a prominent role in Egoli, was arrested in Oakdale, Bellville, on Friday evening.

Police spokesperson Fienie Nimb confirmed that the actor spent Friday night in the station's cells and was released on Saturday, with a warning to appear in court on Monday.

A source said the actor drove into the side of another vehicle at about 23:00 on Friday night.

He apparently sped away from the accident scene immediately without giving his details to the other motorist. Nobody was injured.

Witnesses to the accident apparently followed him because he did not stop. After they forced him from the road, about five blocks down from the accident scene, they alerted the traffic police.

Members of the Tygerberg traffic police arrested him a few minutes later after one of the witnesses allegedly identified the actor as the driver of the vehicle that sped away.

The source said he was initially reluctant to co-operate with the traffic police.

He was taken to the Bellville police station where a blood sample was taken for blood-alcohol tests.

Charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and negligent and/or reckless driving were filed against him.




Gawie (best man) and Gerard






Gerard surrounded by his ""old"" colleagues!








The whole gang (What a bunch of interesting, open minded, friendly, funny and hospitable people.... and two krauts!! :)







How to make a mute person speak? If nothing works, maybe violence does the trick!!!







Our official wedding-pic of Gerard and Nicci! All the best and lots of love to you guys! Glad, you made it finaly!!



Frank, Lize, Nicci and me kissing the bride!

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